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Why I spent the last year working with an NLP Executive Coach

I have spent the last year and a half working with an executive coach. When I told some of my colleagues or friends, their response was usually surprise, and asked “Why do you need a coach?” or “You have it all together, why do you need coaching?” Similarly, when I approached my (then) line manager […]

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Reflections from The Digital Diva: Advancing in your Career

With over 20 years’ experience in the corporate workplace in various industries, from Telecommunications, Media and currently CPG, I took the time to share my learnings on how to advance in your career. I recently shared this on the Women in Digital (Kenya) group when I facilitated a coaching session. I don’t know it all, […]

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My First Time! Facilitating a Coaching Session in a WhatsApp Group

I am not a huge fan of WhatsApp groups, but as I have been hearing often now, “Never waste a crisis!” This is a story about my experience using WhatsApp to run a coaching session!  First, understand that while I appreciate the ability of apps like WhatsApp in keeping us all connected, I often experience […]

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